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The sector still maintains the lead in the value of exports with the ratio of exports of 27.5% of total exports of the country.
Despite that the sector considered as one of the most affected sectors by the global financial crisis, sector exports dropped from 25.7 billion pounds in 2008 to 23.7 billion pounds in 2009. The sector contributed by 11.4% in GDP of the country in 2009 The sector contributed by 0.6% in the overall growth rate of the country in 2009/2010

The value of export during this year (till end of August 2010) is about 15 billion pounds, with an increase of 14% over the same period in 2009. Sector exports till end of 2010 are 26 billion pounds and in line with the export strategy of doubling exports during the coming four years.

Sector indicators show a growth of exports to emerging markets such as East Europe, Latin America and Africa.
Sunny, Silivia, Galala, ..etc                                                     
Aswan, Aswan red, Halayeb,..etc                                                  
Ceramic tiles, Wood floorings, Antistatic floorings, Mosaics, 
Tiles & Floorings
Clay bricks, Concrete Bricks, Firebricks,..etc
Gypsum boards with many colors and thickness
Gypsum Boards
Aluminum profiles for many applications doors, windows..etc
Aluminum Profiles
Clear, Coated, Frosted, ...etc                                                     
Float Glass
PP, PE, Copper, PP-R, Plastic,..etc                       
Pipes & Fittings
Red, Yellow, white and different sizes gravels
Gravel & Crushed Stone
Fine, Coarse and Medium Sand. Silica Sand is available
Silicate Cement, Portland Cement, Clinker
Epoxy, Nitocellulose, Acrylic, Polyurethane,..etc
Many types of Waterproofing
Waterproofing Systems


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