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The textile industry is one of the most important sources for foreign exchange in Egypt. The industry also accounts for 30% of Egypt's industrial production, 15% of its non petroleum exports and 30% of local employment, as Egypt has a number of competitive advantages; competitive labor costs and locally available raw materials.

Total Value of sector exports reached LE 10.334 million. Total investments amounted to around LE 16 billion.
Boys clothes, Girls clothes, Women clothes, Men Clothes,..etc 
Cotton Towels, Curtains, Bed Sheets,...etc                                                 
Cotton yarns, Wool yarns, Polyester yarns, Mixed yarns, ..etc


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Buy Egypt is in front of main gate of International Conference center, Nasr City
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95 Fangary street, Nasr City
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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Buy Egypt, total customer satisfaction is not just a phrase it describes what we do best.

Not only do our trained sales and technical service staffs focus their efforts on addressing and resolving customer needs, our manufacturing and inspection personnel often work directly with customers on product and process improvement programs.

Mission Statement

Establishing long term business partnership with serious partners, Make doing business with Egypt more easy, secure and profitable for our business partners, Development of our country and people econmically and Building successful sympol for partnership with Egypt.