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Investor services from Buy Egypt

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Buy Egypt offers a full set of professional consulting services – hands-on investment services that are always tailored according to your specific needs. The services cover every stage of setting up a business in Egypt, ranging from initial data collection and opportunity analysis to networking and the actual business launch.


We are simply acting as your own Office, assistants and eyes in Egypt and our mission is to save you more and reduce the risks in your business in Egypt!

Our services to investors include:

1-Data Collection:

Data collection is essential but time consuming. Buy Egypt has been supplying high-quality data collection services to a wide variety of companies for more than 10 years. We employ a variety of data collection methods and our access to multiple databanks in the private and public sectors guarantees results.

2-Opportunity analysis:

With our assistance, you can identify sales opportunities, the highest value customer segments and the best sales channels. You will also be able to discover fresh, untapped sales leads, clarify your prospects, assess undiscovered market segments, benchmark your current performance, understand existing target segments and analyse your potential competitors.


Our professional consultants will be an extra resource for your business development team, providing valuable assistance such as in-depth market studies and feasibility assessments.

We can help you decide on the best business opportunities for exploiting current and future trends. As physical location is a critical factor in most business operations, listing the potential alternatives is a vital step. Use of the consultation services we provide guarantees that you will be well positioned when you decide to make your move. 

3-Entry alternatives

Regardless of whether you decide on a greenfield operation, joint venture or the acquisition of an Egyptian company, our fact-based consulting services provide extensive guidance on market entry strategy. We can answer your questions on the requirements for different types of business entity, registration and how the Egyptian taxation system works.

This is also a good time to consider expatriate issues. Efficient communications is fundamental to good business, and we can help you screen the available facilities and decide on other infrastructure-related issues.

With a concrete entry plan, decisions on how to proceed are uncomplicated.


We can introduce you to the players who will be important for your business, and our network of regional Employment and Economic Development Centres gives you easy access to a range of public and private business services.

5-Location management

Location management is key service provided by Invest in Egypt.  By tailoring the services we provide to meet your precise needs, we identify locations with the best potential for your business operation. Once there is a short list, we can arrange visits and join you in meetings.

As well as comparing locations, the goals of our location management service include identifying investment incentives, analysing recruiting and training schemes, and investigating technology programs. We can guide you through all the steps from site selection to final implementation. Whether the issue is choosing the right location to serve the emerging COMISA markets or finding international schools for the children of your employees, we will help you find a suitable solution.

6-Setting up a business

We have our long term partners in CPA, Legal, HR sections, these organizations work together fulfilling our strategy to offer clients a great breath of business services and bring us closer to our goal of being our client's first choice of service provider in Egypt. We can help you close deals with estate agencies, recruiting companies, legal firms, accountants and providers of marketing services at the stage when you don’t yet have permanent staff in place.


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Investor Services

Investor Services

The services cover every stage of setting up a business in Egypt, ranging from initial data collection and opportunity analysis to networking and the actual business launch 
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Buy Egypt is in front of main gate of International Conference center, Nasr City
Our Address:
95 Fangary street, Nasr City
International Conference center
Cairo, Egypt 11327

Hours of Operation:
Sat. to Thu. 9am to 5pm
Friday 9am to 12am

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Buy Egypt, total customer satisfaction is not just a phrase it describes what we do best.

Not only do our trained sales and technical service staffs focus their efforts on addressing and resolving customer needs, our manufacturing and inspection personnel often work directly with customers on product and process improvement programs.

Mission Statement

Establishing long term business partnership with serious partners, Make doing business with Egypt more easy, secure and profitable for our business partners, Development of our country and people econmically and Building successful sympol for partnership with Egypt.